Hypnosis Show

Sailesh, The Hypnotist

Unforgettable Moments of Magic and Laughter

Fairs and Festivals

Step into a world of wonder and laughter at fairs and festivals with Sailesh The Hypnotist. As a master of enchantment, Sailesh's captivating performances weave magic and comedy, leaving audiences amazed.

Prepare for an unforgettable experience with a hypnosis show that will add a touch of mesmerizing entertainment to your fair or festival.

Performance Options

Sailesh the hypnotist stands in front of a line of students on stage during a hypnosis show.

Mesmerizing Mainstage Spectacle

Unforgettable Hypnotic Stage Performance for Headline Events: Book Sailesh for a mesmerizing mainstage performance that will captivate and engage fair and festival audiences of all ages.

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Sailesh the hypnotist holds a microphone up to a volunteer wearing a mask on stage with a line of other volunteers seated behind them.

Specialty Hypnosis Workshops

Unique Hypnotic Experiences for Workshops and Demonstrations: Offer fairgoers the chance to participate in specialty hypnotic workshops and demonstrations, providing an intriguing and memorable experience.

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Sailesh the hypnotist stands arm in arm taking a photo with a line of students and advisors after a performance.

Leadership Development Seminar

Empower Leaders, Inspire Success: Provide your management team with a transformative hypnosis seminar to unlock their leadership potential and drive organizational success.

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Why hire a hypnotist?

Captivating Spectacle

Sailesh's captivating stage presence creates an unforgettable spectacle that mesmerizes fair and festival audiences.

Engaging Audience Participation

Sailesh's hypnosis show feature interactive audience participation, ensuring an engaging and immersive entertainment experience.

Dynamic Stage Entertainment

Sailesh's talent as a versatile performer makes him ideal for both mainstage and side stage events, providing diverse and captivating entertainment options.

Sailesh the hypnotist stands smiling at the camera with his arms crossed and body facing to the left.

Meet Sailesh

Sailesh The Hypnotist enchants and entertains fair and festival attendees with captivating performances, adding a touch of magic to every event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sailesh involve the audience in his performances?

Absolutely, Sailesh's hypnosis show is interactive and involves audience participation, creating an engaging experience for fair and festival attendees.

How long is the show and does Sailesh offer multiple shows throughout the day?

Typical shows are 45-90 and this can be adjusted depending on how many shows Sailesh performs for your fair.

What are the technical requirements for Sailesh's show?

We will provide you with the specific technical requirements needed for Sailesh's performance.