Corporate Entertainer

Sailesh, The Hypnotist

Unleashing Potential, Inspiring Success


Introducing Sailesh - the captivating corporate entertainer who brings a fresh and engaging twist to your events.

With his unique blend of comedy, hypnosis, and audience participation, Sailesh creates unforgettable experiences that inspire, engage, and entertain corporate audiences like never before.

Performance Options

Sailesh the hypnotist stands in front of a line of students on stage during a hypnosis show.

Keynote Hypnosis Experience

Motivational Mindset Transformation: Engage employees with a powerful keynote experience combining hypnosis and motivation for personal and professional growth.

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Sailesh the hypnotist holds a microphone up to a volunteer wearing a mask on stage with a line of other volunteers seated behind them.

Interactive Team-Building Hypnosis Workshop

Unleash Collaboration and Communication Potential: Foster teamwork and enhance communication skills through an interactive hypnosis workshop, creating a cohesive and motivated workforce.

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Sailesh the hypnotist stands arm in arm taking a photo with a line of students and advisors after a performance.

Leadership Development Hypnosis Seminar

Empower Leaders, Inspire Success: Provide your management team with a transformative hypnosis seminar to unlock their leadership potential and drive organizational success.

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Why hire a hypnotist?

Engaging Entertainment

Sailesh the hypnotist provides unforgettable, interactive entertainment that captivates and engages any audience.

Stress Relief

Powerful stress management sessions that alleviate tension and foster a positive work environment.

Boosted Morale

Increased employee morale and motivation through laughter, engagement, and positive experiences.

Sailesh the hypnotist stands smiling at the camera with his arms crossed and body facing to the left.

Meet Sailesh

Corporate entertainer, Sailesh The Hypnotist delivers captivating and transformative entertainment for the companies nationwide, combining comedy, hypnosis, and audience engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Sailesh customize his performance for our company?

Yes, Sailesh can tailor his performance to suit your company's needs and event theme.

How long is the show

Typical shows are 45-90, though this can be adjusted to match typical shows at your venue.

What are the technical requirements for Sailesh's show?

We will provide you with the specific technical requirements needed for Sailesh's performance.