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Sailesh, The Hypnotist

Mesmerizing Entertainment for Colleges and Universities


With a track record of performing at 750+ colleges and universities, delivering 80-120 shows annually, and boasting a remarkable 90% rebook rate, college hypnotist Sailesh is the ultimate choice for unforgettable campus entertainment.

Experience the award-winning entertainment of Sailesh, a 3-time Entertainer of the Year and 5-time Hypnotist of the Year recipient.

Performance Options

Sailesh the hypnotist stands in front of a line of students on stage during a hypnosis show.

Hypnotic Comedy Show Extravaganza

Unforgettable Comedy Entertainment for Campus Events: Book college hypnotist Sailesh for a hilarious and interactive comedy show that will entertain and energize students at your campus events.

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Sailesh the hypnotist holds a microphone up to a volunteer wearing a mask on stage with a line of other volunteers seated behind them.

Stress Relief Hypnosis Workshop

Empowering Relaxation and Mental Wellness for Students: Help students unwind and reduce stress with a transformative hypnosis workshop that promotes relaxation and mental well-being.

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Sailesh the hypnotist stands arm in arm taking a photo with a line of students and advisors after a performance.

Motivational Mindset Keynote Experience

Through his captivating hypnosis techniques and interactive exercises, Sailesh provides a unique and entertaining approach to promoting wellness and mental well-being on campus.

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Why hire a hypnotist?

Engaging Campus Entertainment

Sailesh the hypnotist delivers interactive and engaging performances that captivate students and faculty alike, creating hilarious lasting memories.

Promoting Community Well-being

Sailesh's presence and performance encourages connection and social bonding, creating a positive campus atmosphere and a unified culture.

Relaxation and Empowerment

Sailesh's sessions offer stress relief and empower students through self-hypnosis techniques that they can take with them throughout their whole college career.

Sailesh the hypnotist stands smiling at the camera with his arms crossed and body facing to the left.

Meet Sailesh

Sailesh the college hypnotist brings electrifying entertainment and empowering experiences to campuses, captivating students with his mesmerizing talent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Sailesh customize his performance to fit our college/university theme?

Yes, college hypnotist Sailesh can customize his performance to align with your college/university theme and objectives.

How long is the show

Typical shows are 45-90, though this can be adjusted to match typical shows at your venue.

What are the technical requirements for Sailesh's show?

We will provide you with the specific technical requirements needed for Sailesh's performance.