Comedy Hypnotist

Sailesh the Hypnotist

2023 entertainer of the year

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5000+ Shows

15 Countries

95% Rebook

"The World's Best Hypnotist!" - MTV

More than 20 years experience and 5,000+ shows at
colleges, universities, clubs, corporate and festival events.

Comedy Hypnotist Sailesh hypnotizes audience of students. All volunteers are sleeping on each other.

Comedy Hypnosis

Comedy hypnotist Sailesh has changed the minds of skeptics everywhere with his uncanny sense of reading audiences. Willing participants take the stage by storm, entertaining the audience and leaving with memories that will last a lifetime.

Sailesh the hypnotist stands with a microphone facing the camera in front of several students before hypnotizing them.

R - Rated Show

Blending his art with comedic flair, comedy hypnotist Sailesh invites volunteers to become the stars of a show. This adult-oriented performance combines provocative suggestions with hilarious antics, leaving audiences in awe and stitches.

Sailesh the hypnotist stands with a group of students and advisors taking a photo after a performance.

Health & Wellness

With his expertise in hypnotherapy, through guided self-hypnosis, mindfulness, and affirmations, Sailesh empowers audiences to manage stress, enhance focus, and cultivate a positive mindset, fostering well-being and peak performance in today's world.

Campus and School Shows

Comedy Hypnotist Sailesh brings his award-winning show to campuses and schools across North America—orientations, graduations, and any other event where attendance and engagement are key. Build lasting memories, and see why Sailesh the hypnotist is booked year after year.

Comedy Clubs

Whether you want a fun and rowdy R-rated show or a family-friendly off-night event, comedy hypnotist Sailesh is the perfect choice to fill your calendar! Leave your audience in stitches with some of the wildest displays of "self-expression" and impersonations in this energizing show.


Take your corporate events to the next level with a comedy hypnosis show. Sailesh works with companies across the country to explore engaging team building, hilarious banquet performances, and some of the best memories your staff will have all year!


With options for adult-only shows and family-friendly performances, comedy hypnotist Sailesh is perfect for all your cruise line needs. Watch your audience become the captain of their own voyage, or get stranded on an island as Sailesh transports them to distant lands.

About Sailesh

With a unique blend of comedy, mesmerizing hypnosis, and audience participation, comedy hypnotist Sailesh has enthralled audiences worldwide. As an award-winning performer and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sailesh combines his hypnotic expertise with a passion for empowering individuals. Prepare for an extraordinary experience that will leave you laughing, inspired, and amazed.